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Farm Happenings for September 3+4, 2021

Posted on August 27th, 2021 by Mike Nolan

Hi Friends!

It's been another wild summer here at the farm as we simultaneously seed, plant, pick, pack and deliver produce to you and many others from the farm.

Two weeks ago I was invited to the North Shore of Eastern Long Island to celebrate my cousins birthday. Little did I know about the incredible farms up there! All of Western LI is urban and suburban with one town built right up to the next. But the north fork in Suffolk county is an incredibly productive area that features vegetable, grapes, (wineries) and flower farms along with extensive greenhouse operations for an assortment of plants. Back in the 1970s the local Suffolk county government had the vision to preserve the farms from suburban development because of it's proximity to NYC. If you ever get out that way, and survive the roads and traffic of New York,  the beaches are wonderful, great food and the farmland is productive, beautiful and accessible to the public!


CSA News:  Much to our delight and that of many of our old members we have brought back the CSA box style that we originally had when we started this farm in 2010. Its an affordable and easy option. I have tons of vegetables (literally) growing now for fall and would love to finish the year with a robust membership. If you can share a link to our sign up page I would appreciate it!

Thanks and as always I encourage your feedback positive and negative so we can make adjustments as needed.


Farmer Mike