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Order for this week! Soil Mix + CSA Signups coming soon...

Posted on January 3rd, 2021 by Mike Nolan

Welcome to the new year! We are so happy to be here, and hope your first few days of 2021 have been happy and healthy.

The Shop is OPEN, and we're now accepting orders for pickup on Friday, January 8 (on-farm) and Saturday, January 9 (DC)!

A few quick updates for January:

1. We'd like to start offering more access to the online Shop. To that end, the ordering window is now open until Wednesday at 12pm for orders delivered on Friday/Saturday of each week. Our hope is to then re-launch the store on Wednesdays to start collecting orders for the following week. This is a completely different model than our normal week-by-week schedule, so we'd love it if you're willing to come along for the ride while we test it out. Besides needing to pay a bit more attention to the date of pickup when you place your order, nothing else should change, and you'll have more time to log on to the Shop, which will be great!

2. CSA 2021 Signups will be launching next week! After nearly leaving the CSA model behind forever, we're so grateful that we ended up back in the game with the absolute best members we could ask for. Thanks so much for choosing to support our farm! We're excited to bring you our best season yet.

3. New Add-On options, Specialty Boxes and more access to quality Local Provisions will be rolling out as the season progresses. Our mission is to strengthen our local food network, ensure access to safe and healthy local food, and connect our community with other amazing producers in our region. We're cooking up some new ideas and can't wait to share soon.

4. Milk Bottle Returns will now be tracked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (another test in progress!) and refunded as store credit in your Harvie account. After many failed attempts to find the perfect bottle labeling system, we're ditching all of that and going to a good old paper-on-clipboard model. We'll simply ask members to write their name and number of milk bottle returns on a checklist, and we'll tally and issue refund credits as we go. Please feel free to give feedback as we test this new model! We hope it will relieve some major headaches for everyone.

5. Soil Mix is in the Shop! Winter is the perfect time to start thinking about building nutritious soil for your home or neighborhood gardens, raised beds and planters. Order now and pick up Farmer Mike's own handmade soil mixes with your produce!

Here's a link to jump right into the Shop and place your order for this Friday 1/8 + Saturday 1/9, 2021...feels good, right? =)

Thanks and be well,

Morgan + The Earth Spring Farm Team