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Fall Extension Week 2 is overflowing with goodness!

Posted on October 25th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

This week's share reminds me of my favorite time of year at the farmers market, packed full of vibrant greens, colorful radishes, bright gorgeous carrots and tons of delicious combinations to make hearty meals with all the nutrients our bodies need to keep our immune systems strong for winter. They say we should eat the rainbow for ultimate health, so mix it up and try some new things this week! Arugula, baby romaine and baby kale mix for green salads, red and green mustard, purple bacchus radishes and black spanish radishes (the spiciest), orange carrots and habanero peppers and ruby streaks, a "green" whose dark purple-red leaves are a color all their own. Fall is truly a bountiful time at the farm.

A Message from Your Farmer

Farmer Mike just wanted to say thanks to all of you who chose to sign up for the fall extension and continue to support the farm. We love you! The farm team is already out preparing our fields for next season. The plan is to get started with the CSA a little earlier next year, which will make all of us happy. In the meantime, we'll continue growing for market and the farm store all winter long. Even after the fall extension ends, you'll still be able to get farm fresh produce and quality local goods throughout the "off-season." Our DC friends can use the new expanded online farm stand, coming soon! Farm friends are always welcome to stop by the farm store. We'll keep it stocked!

New This Week - Local Cooking Oils

We're very excited to announce our new partnership with Susquehanna Mills, a great company making locally sourced full-flavored cooking oils and vinegar. All their products are Non-GMO, and they make the same commitment to sustainability as we do on our own farm. They practice Full Circle manufacturing, which means that some of their vehicles and many of their farm partners' vehicles are powered using waste oil from their partner restaurants and universities. Our goal is to source excellent products from the best producers in our area to share with our community through our CSA and farm store, and Susquehanna Mills is a great addition to our network. This week we have Organic Sunflower oil, Canola oil and Apple Cider Vinegar for sale as extras. Perfect for stir fried greens or roasted root veggies!

For New Members...

Our existing CSA members have heard this message many times, but in case you're returning a CSA box or milk bottle for the first time this week, there IS a right way to do it!

- Milk bottles should be labeled with your name so we can track returns and track your deposit refund. Be sure to rinse bottles (they are dishwasher safe!) and write your name in Sharpie - it's fine, it will wash off! Then just drop them at your pickup location to be collected.

- CSA boxes will be reused on a rotating basis, and they can be used for years if they're broken down correctly! Just follow these instructions:

Enjoy your fall veggie goodness this week, pick up some Black Rose coffee and ginger cookies from the extras store for a little Halloween treat, and have a great week!

Be well,

Morgan + The Earth Spring Farm Team