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Melons + tomatoes stick around this week...

Posted on August 30th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

Can you feel the chill in the early mornings? Fall is coming! This week, we're still enjoying quite an impressive amount of melons! We're also upping our tomato quantity. Maybe you'll want to grab some eggplant and try this Turkish-inspired tomato and garlic sauce. Or swap in some extra bell peppers and basil for this stuffed roasted bell pepper recipe. Farmhouse Feta or grassfed ground beef are great additions too!

Fruit This Week: TBD. This is a transitional time for the orchards, so once again, we're not 100% sure on the fruit share. Thanks for rolling with it! We do still have plenty of melons, some cantaloupe and Korean sun jewels, so feel free to order extras to get your fruit fix.

Farm News: We had a sad pest-related event this week, as bugs got to all of our greens before we could. This sets us back a little bit on our greens harvest, but luckily the cooler days ahead are absolutely ideal for our kale, chard, some lettuce varieties, and lots more coming, such as collards, broccoli raab and mustard. Before long, bunches of greens will be overflowing your weekly boxes =)

Since most of our veggies are repeats from last week, we encourage you to branch out and try something new! Recipes are linked next to each item so you can get some ideas and feel confident experimenting a bit. If you haven't tried some of our herbs or microgreens, this is a great week to jump in!

One awesome new thing: Bitter Melon!

If you LOVE bitter, this melon is going to be your new favorite thing. Bitter foods are favored for their numerous health benefits. They often have a high fiber content, can help regulate blood sugar and quell cravings, and can also support healthy gut bacteria. In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, bitter melon is used to cool the body and aid digestion.  It's a staple of Chinese cooking, and is typically stir fried with a variety of proteins. Read all about bitter melon here and find more recipes here!


Our flow of usable CSA boxes is getting a little low, so we're reminding everyone to please return boxes each week! Here's a refresher on how to properly collapse your box:

Watch a young Farmer Mike demonstrate the process in this blast-from-the-past video from the archives =)

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

Morgan + The Earth Spring Farm Team