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End of July CSA - lots of variety!

Posted on July 26th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

It's the last week of July, and while the weather is cooling a bit, we've all been through some really hot days! We're continuing to water the farm like crazy, which is easier now that we have our irrigation system installed. Farmer Mike's tomatoes in the field are already fruiting, about six weeks ahead of schedule, just loving the heat and long days. Our chickens have been through a rough patch, but they're on the mend, and the newest additions to the flock are laying lots of eggs now.

King the puppy, our resident ball of love and fluff, has been helping Mike to protect the chickens from a new prowler on the loose...fisher cats have been hunting chickens in our area lately. This wildcat-like animal isn't actually a feline, but rather a member of the weasel family. They mainly hunt porcupines, but they'll eat lots of things, and it seems they've caught on to the chickens. Mike and King have been spending some evenings trying to keep these wily predators away from our flock.

In other news, Diem's flowers are absolutely thriving on the farm. We're excited to offer bouquets as an extra for the first time this week. Diem, Sage, Kelsey and Jena have been loving the process of harvesting on Fridays and spending time together crafting these gorgeous bouquets. Enjoy little bit of beauty, healing and love in your home this week.


  • Please remember to fold CSA boxes flat when returning them. This helps a ton! Here's how:

  • Fruit will be packed inside the box! The fruit share will most likely be peaches this week, but with the heat, things can change rapidly at the orchard. Peaches are our best guess! We also have some fruit for sale as extras. If you don't have a fruit share, or you want to increase your fruit share, the fruit extras are the same price, so go ahead and order what you want!
  • Other extras can't be packed inside the box, so look for them in bins. We're still having some issues each week with members arriving to find that all the extras have already been taken, especially eggs and milk. Unfortunately, we can't pack those items in CSA boxes or label them individually, so we're asking every member to help us make sure everyone gets what they ordered. Simply look at your label, take only what's printed there, and if something is missing, email us so we can fix it! Thank you! 
  • Whole milk + Chocolate milk now for sale as extras! If you don't have a milk share, or want to get more, you can now purchase milk as an extra while customizing your order! There is a $2 bottle deposit included in the price, which will be refunded when we process bottle returns. Just write your name on the bottle with sharpie when you return your CLEAN bottles to your drop point, and enjoy!


Thanks to all of you for sticking with us on this pandemic CSA journey. It's been helping us stay grounded and feel connected to a wonderful community of people who care about healthy food, rich soil, and local farms. We appreciate you!

Be well,

Morgan + The Earth Spring Farm team