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Apples and pumpkins, oh my!

Posted on October 13th, 2020 by Tom Rosenfeld

At this point in the season, we are up to our shoulders in processing apples: pick apples, sort apples, pack apples, press cider, and repeat. We have been blessed with bounty of some varieties and have enjoyed sharing the harvest so far. 

Speaking of cider, have you gotten your fill yet? We have been pressing consistently for a few weeks now and have a great blend this year. Sweet with some tart, our cider is product of years of labor to come up with a delicious blend of juice that is both complex and satisfying. Always UV treated, never heat pasteurized, and made with 100% just apples. Great to drink cold or warmed, for fermenting, cooking, more.


On the famr, our upick has brought out a lot of familiar faces and some much needed, safe and socially distanced interactions with new and old friends. If you are still hoping to make it out this season, please be sure to reach out! We are still open Friday - Sunday, from 10-6pm CST this weekend, but weather permitting we hope to be open for a few more weekends. Contact us via email, or call the farm voicemail for upick updates.

This time of year also has many of us thinking of storing up for winter. Thinking of purchasing large quantities of apples, squash, freezing cider or purchasing some frozen bulk items, but running into storage questions? In general, thick skinned winter squashes cellar well. Apples will keep for months if stored in a refrigerator. Cider freezes well, and unthaws in about a day for a delicious, mid-winter treat. Have more storage or preservation questions? Feel free to reach out; we are also glad to share tips and what has worked well for the farm. 

Knowing we could all use some heart-made comfort food and a bit of joy, wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and delightful Halloween and Harvest celebrations this year.


A merry mid-fall to you all,

Sydney + Earth First Farms