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Happy Apple Season

Posted on September 15th, 2020 by Tom Rosenfeld

September has begun and fall is right around the corner - apple season has begun and we are already seeing some color on the trees shift as we get ready to enter a new season. 

Taking a moment to acknowledge the seasonal shift this year has been a little difficult as we felt we just barely became accustomed to summers warm temperatures and humid days; the cool cucumbers and juicy melons the fields produced this year. The wild and rampant weeds that come and go through out the warm months of the year. And yet here we are, starring down long rows of apple trees, their limbs bowing as if to offer a taste of their hard work this part year. 


And oh, the apple bounty this year! Though the frost early this spring was rough on many parts of our farm, the apple harvest this year proves why our little corner of the Midwest is flush with apple orchards. We are celebrating the work we have ahead of us over the next couple of weeks harvesting apples for fall markets, CSA deliveries, pre-picked bushels for saucing and canning, and (possibly most of all) cider! 

Yes friends, the first press of the year is just a few mere weeks away. Ready your selves now. 

As promised, I also wanted to include some detailed information about our fall upick for this year as well. Though we will not be having our annual harvest party this year, we are still open on the weekends for you come visit with friends and family! We had a wonderful opening over Labor Day weekend with many visitors that safely, and masked, stopped by the farm. We hope you can join us at some point also. We are open Fridays-Sundays, 10am-6pm CST from now through the end of October. Stop off at the farm store at the barn to check in and get directions to what varieties we are currently picking and be sure to pickup some winter squash and apple goodies to bring home with you.

Here’s to another turn of the season this year, to our most favorite season of all; happy fall and apple season all! 


Sydney, Tom, Gonzalo + The Earth First Farms Crew