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First CSA Pickup: June 23rd

Posted on June 22nd, 2020 by Tom Rosenfeld

Welcome to the start of your full fruit CSA share, starting with the family favorite: strawberries. 

There are a few details I wanted to make sure to point out on this first delivery, first of which being the option you see to swap or customize/confirm your share. For this delivery, we only have strawberries available, so there is nothing to swap this time around. 

For this delivery or any delivery in the future that you either do not want to edit or there is only one offering, simply confirm the share to receive a reminder of your pickup location, time, and date.

Going forward, if there is an item in your share one month you would like to swap out or even skip over a month and roll your credits over into the next delivery, use the confirmation page as you please! This page is especially handy during the fall. This year we are excited to offer (through this editing function) member’s choice in the apple varieties each month! More on that closer to fall.

Lastly, a reminder to please come to your pickup location within the time frame for your location. And, refrigerated your berries as soon as possible after picking up! 

Looking forward to sharing the coming season with you! 



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