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Farm Happenings for October 27, 2020

Posted on October 29th, 2020 by Sarah Brown

Hello Everyone;

This frosty frigid morning we are cold and happy. It was a beautiful Fall Oregon weekend, full of family fun time, and also the 12 year mark of our marriage to each other. Incidentally, it is also the 8 year anniversary of our marriage to this farm. Our first Fall on this land is memorialized by an 8 months pregnant Sarah planting garlic in a barely buttoned jacket. That garlic, and the little bundle that made a debut a mere month later, were the first crops of this unimaginable journey in family, farming, and community. This season, when the garlic begins to sprout and the first hard frosts nip our fingers, is a welcome return to home. More quiet, more fires, more family time. It is a season for reflection and gratitude. A time for us to nest and cherish all that we have and all that we hope for. 

It's hard to fully comprehend the many facets of 2020, but there is one that we feel now as clearly as ever: the power of our community. The happiness we feel in sharing this food is impossible to describe. It is a dream to live on a piece of land, to nourish that land with intention and humility, to bring forth the bounty of that care, and to send it into the world so that we all may share a healthy and timeless connection to our place. It really is a dream manifested, and despite the challenges and the exhaustion and the uncertainty of each season, we cannot imagine living, being, anywhere else. We try sometimes, as an exercise in freedom and as a gut check of purpose.

But nothing we envision is really rooted. There is no Redbud tree at our back patio, no young hedgerows along the property line, no kestrels hovering in the sky, no magnificent oak silhouetted horizon, no special spots along the creek. The restored buildings and new buildings look strange and empty and unfamiliar. The visions of elsewhere are helpful exercises, but not propellant. They show us that our path is here, winding towards the core...where we find the most opportunity. Digging in, leaning in, embracing the goodness and the good fortune of our moment in time. 

This weekend, we really loved Oregon in all its bounty, culminating last night in a meal of farm greens with sauteed chantrelles and crab and fresh local sourdough bread. Wendell is now hooked on crabbing and mushroom hunting, and I have to say, I think he's onto something. 

We hope you all are finding a way to slow down for a moment, to enjoy the changing light and pace of this transition season. Thank you for being here with us, and for sharing in the nutritious density of these treasured fall foods. 

Your Farmers,

Conner + Sarah