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Farm Happenings for Jan. 7, 2020 - Winter Bounty Shares, NEW Mushroom Share & Introducing Moorit Hill Farm

Posted on January 2nd, 2020 by Adrienne Lee

We're excited to start our Winter Bounty Share deliveries this week! AND introduce the addition of a couple new Add-on Shares of IPM Apples from the Apple Farm and MUSHROOMS! (see farm introduction below) we'll also be including mushrooms in weekly shares as well as offering them for purchase as Extras.  All of our Add-on Shares like eggs, cheese, yogurt, meat, chicken and bread are available for delivery all winter long plus lots of extras to stock your pantry with since we're delivering bi-weekly through May. If you need help making adjustments to your order, email: and we'll take care of it.

More about the Mushroom Share...

Each 12 oz mushroom share will consist of 2-3 varieties of organically grown fresh gourmet mushrooms grown in Troy. Cost is $18/box. Varieties will vary by week. This winter the farm will be producing 8 different varieties of mushrooms that my be included in the shares. These varieties are shiitakes, blue oysters, black pearl oysters, phoenix oysters, king oyster mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms, pioppinos, and lion's mane. More details and signup information coming soon!! 

Introducing Moorit Hill Farm

Moorit Hill Farm is a small farm in Troy raising happy animals and producing healthy food for our community. When we moved to our farm, we had no prior farming experience and came from careers in science, but instead decided that we wanted to produce real, sustainable food for local people.

We raise a beautiful flock of grass-fed Icelandic sheep and free-range laying hens, and grow many varieties of mushrooms under organic practices. We have learned a lot and still have a lot of learning left to do, but we love what we do, working hard to raise happy, healthy animals and producing food that we can feel good about.


Apple Share - Biweekly - 10# (2 varieties, 5# each / delivery) - $16.00
We are excited to be able to offer you wholesale pricing on what we consider to be some of the finest apples in Maine- especially in late season months when many store bought local apples, because of production and lack of proper storage become soft and less than ideal. (Compare this pricing to $20-$30 if purchasing heirloom apples at retail.) Maine has absolutely gorgeous apples that can be accessed and enjoyed all year long and we are excited to bring these to you!

We have partnered with The Apple Farm in Fairfield, Maine to move the remainder of their 2019 harvest. We have a selection of 10 primo varieties of apples for your enjoyment that we have picked based on their taste, versatile applications (fresh eating and cooking) and storage potential. These apples are growing using IPM or integrated pest management production practices. You can learn more about our farm partners, Steve and Marilyn, and The Apple Farm and how they grow their apples here ( 

The apple share is comprised of two varieties of apples delivered biweekly (2x5# bags=10#). They should be stored in your fridge or if on the counter, eaten within 24 hours for optimal firmness and flavor. 

We will also have 5# bags of apples available through the store throughout the winter season. However, if you know that you are a regular apple eater (or want to be!) this is a great opportunity to save money on a true Maine winter delicacy and to incorporate a healthy, delicious food in to your winter diet. 

Varieties you may see over the course of the winter season include: Northern Spy, Spigold, Black Oxford, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Mutsu, Ashmead's Kernel, JonaGold, Ida Red and more!