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Farm Happenings 11/12/19: Note! All Tuesday shares delivered on Wednesday this week. An update from Crooked Face Creamery

Posted on November 6th, 2019 by Adrienne Lee


NOTICE! Winter Weather Schedule Change this week!


The delivery time frame will be the same just a day late due to bad driving conditions Tuesday


This week's shares is a great tribute to what Maine can offer in November. Lots of winter greens coming from our farms greenhouses, while we're still harvesting super sweet broccoli and brussels sprouts from the field despite the cold. These greens are pared well with an abundance of winter squash, roots and this week delicious sweet potatoes from Songbird farm. Enjoy this seasonal feast! 

We'll be delivering weekly shares through the end of December. We're excited to be packing shares indoors this winter at the Unity Food Hub with our next Deep Winter share season starting on January 7th, 2020 and running through the end of May with bi-weekly deliveries of ALL of our shares! Stay tuned for more details . . .


Update from Crooked Face Creamery

I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially moved to my new location downtown Skowhegan. I’ve moved into the Maine Grains facility at 42 Court Street, and secured a five year lease here. I have purchased larger equipment and am working on scaling up my batches, growing my wholesale accounts (including Daybreak Growers!) and direct sales at my small retail shop. I’ve established more accounts for my flagship cheese, the Applewood Smoked Ricotta, and I’m developing a new Raclette style washed rind aged cheese that I hope to be wholesaling by next summer.

So much has happened, and it’s incredibly exciting.