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Farm Happenings for 6/21/2020 - Update from Turtle Rock Farm & A few Share notes

Posted on June 3rd, 2020 by Daybreak Growers Alliance

We hope you're all enjoying the start of the season, we're looking forward to the official start of summer and the continued harvest of all this delicious food. We'll be sending you email notifications if we put additional offerings in the Extras list after you receive this email. Happy Summer!

A note about Share Holds and Add-ons and Order Modifications

Add-On Shares such as yogurt, eggs and bagels are attached to your Main Share (Local 25, Family Bounty and or Meat Shares) meaning they can not be put on Hold independently. If a regular delivery of these items doesn’t fit your needs they are usually available as one-time Extra purchases from week to week.

Please be aware that we are working on your Shares a week in advance, requests to modify or cancel an order does not happen immediately but may take another delivery cycle for completion.

About our Farm Share

When customers sign up for a Share with Daybreak they are signing up for a Share of the Harvest. Unlike a traditional CSA, the ability that Harvie gives us to customize shares and have specific crops in a share helps to get our shareholders a variety of produce that they can more specifically choose. That being said we still have to work within the availability of what our farmers have in season, and sometimes substitutions have to be made when farms don’t have as much of a crop as they expected or have crop failures due to weather or pests. This is the difference between signing up for a share of local food vs. shopping at the grocery store where items come in from all over the country. Daybreak and all our partnering farms really appreciate the support and dedication that our shareholders are making to our farms. 

Update from Turtle Rock Farm!

We have been increasing our production of certified Organic products scaling up some of our canned goods as well as introducing our line of dried herbs, chiles, tomatoes & assorted fruits / fermented pickles / Organic sauces.  Looking forward to the fall to offer more certified Organic apple pectin for home canners and preservers as well as cider syrup and applesauce, all certified by MOFGA.

Turtle Rock Farm grows organic fruits & vegetables and preserves locally grown fruits and vegetables at peak season.  Our goal is to provide local, nutritious food preserved for the year-round local pantry. 

Our philosophy is simple… to preserve the harvest of Maine’s abundant growing seasons for the year-round local diet.  We are certified Organic by MOFGA.