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Farm Happenings for October 17, 2018

Posted on October 16th, 2018 by Daniel Chappell

Thanks for continuing the year with me in the fall share!

We finally have some nice weather here on the farm to try to finish up the harvest! The snow finally melted here yesterday and it's a little less muddy in the field than it's been for the last month. I was pretty worried with so many frozen nights that there would be quite a bit of damage in the root veggies but we lucked out this year and had good soil moisture and often a good snow cover to help insulate the veggies from the worst of the cold. 

You'll see lots of greens available now that we weren't seeing in the end of the summer share. These greens are coming from the greenhouse at Shirley's Greenhouse. These are all still pesticide free, but do get some fertilizer. In a way you're still getting these veggies from me, since the owners hired me this fall to help finish the growing year and I've been doing the growing and harvesting of all these veggies as my second job.

Just as a reminder, the pickup location has moved from the Dowtown Market on little Gaetz to the Garden City Market at the Clearview Hall at 93 Cornett Drive.