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Last Summer Delivery!

Posted on October 1st, 2018 by Daniel Chappell

It's feeling a bit funny declaring this to be the last delivery of the summer share program, since it sure hasn't felt like summer (or even fall) in a few weeks! I had hoped to be able to end the summer season with bigger bags and more variety than I have this year, but I think with the challenging growing season we had this year it's still been an ok harvest.

I managed to get all the veggies for this last delivery in just before the big freeze came in Saturday night! Hopefully I can get the waterline thawed out on my veggie washer this afternoon so I'm not delivering muddy produce though! 

If I haven't said so enough, thank you all so much for your support this growing season. Without your weekly support for my farm, I wouldn't still be farming!

I haven't been saying anything in September about a fall share as I was not sure with the low harvest that I'd be able to offer one this year. After lots of thought and calculating I've determined that the fall share will still be possible this year with a little extra help from my other farming friends. I'm dropping the weekly share price to $25/delivery and will be supplementing my own carrots, spaghetti squash, kale, radishes, tomatoes (hopefully ripening), arugula, chard, turnips and spinach (if they finish after this cold snap!), kohl-rabi and last few small onions with potatoes, beets, squash, garlic, onions, cabbages and more from a couple of my farming friends in the area.  If you're interested in the fall share, there will be an email from the folks at Harvie soon asking if you'd like to opt in or out of the fall share.

Hope you stay warm and dry this week!