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Farm Happenings for December 5, 2019

Posted on December 2nd, 2019 by Chris DeVries

3 weeks left in the fall CSA!

We had a window of really nice weather the week before last when the Grade 3 class from the London Waldorf school joined us to help dig the last harvest of carrots from the ground.  These carrots will be donated to Christmas Care St.Thomas-Elgin.  We will begin washing them so they can be distributed starting next week.

We still have lots of great stuff to put into your CSA boxes for the next weeks.  As some of the summer / early fall crops have finished, now would be a great time to try out a less common vegetable that you haven't had often.  Here are some suggestions:

- Watermelon Radish: mild (not very radishy) and can be eaten raw.  Has a slightly sweet taste and can also be roasted.  Also worth trying is Daikon radish.

- Kohlrabi: suprisingly sweet and the texture of apple.  Cut the outer rind off and slice into finger snacks - very easy to prepare and eat!

- Celeriac: can be mashed with potatoes or shredded and made into a slaw like salad.  Has mild celery flavour that can go in any soup or stew as well.

We have only a few of our own potatoes left for the season, so we've purchased some amazing potatoes from Zocalo Organics for the next few weeks to make sure we have them available.  We're also looking into getting more sweet potatoes as they were popular last week too!