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Farm Happenings for September 1, 2022

Posted on August 28th, 2022 by Michael Hoke

The festival happened and it was great!  Thank you to all those who could make it out.  We hope this can be a yearly thing from now on!

We regret to report that this week we are a bit short on lettuce mix!  This is unfortunate but the first time THIS YEAR that this has happened!  Don't worry though, this will be only a very short term issue.  Basically the hot and dry weather from 4 weeks ago is affecting our harvest right now, but we have a lot more coming and it looks great!  We do on the other hand have a huge amount of arugula and napa this week.  The napa makes an excellent summer salad when sliced thinly.

We will be adding salad mix to the list on Tuesday afternoon once we know how much we can actually harvest so if you are a die hard fan, please check in with us again then!

This week we will have plenty of sweet corn available from Pfennings as well as our own broccoli for the first time since early summer.  We hope to have more broccoli and cauliflower coming throughout this late summer and early fall and the crops look great!  We hope everyone had a chance to snag melons over the past few weeks.  We have a bit of a break this week with only a few available, but we have a decent looking mid September crop coming again.