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Farm Happenings for May 13, 2022

Posted on May 8th, 2022 by Michael Hoke

First Week for 2022!

Even though many of you were probably with our winter program up until 2 weeks ago, this week marks the great beginning for 2022 for us.  And the weather and shift in work is right on time with it as well.  We are busy on the farm prepping our fields and catching up on planting.

This spring has been cold!  As a result we are behind in growth by a couple of weeks.  We have a really nice planting of hoophouse spring crops coming but many of them will be a week or two before you will see them available in our shares.   You may be wondering why there are so many products from Pfennings this week and this is a primary reason!  We use a lot of other suppliers to bring you a well rounded ordering system, but you will find that as the next few weeks go by the volume of Common Ground Farm vegetables is going to step up significantly!

A few notes for our new (and returning members from a while back):

  • Throughout the year we grow a majority of the vegetables we sell and arrange in our CSA share and we also supply organic produce and locally produced veggies from other farms where we either don't grow them ourselves or they are somewhat out of season for us.
  • We try to clearly mark on our order list where products are from and their status.  Almost everything in the store is certified organic and if it is not, we will make that very clear.  If you every have a question, please ask!
  • Our delivery list will go out later in the week and if you have delivery it will be either Thursday or Friday.
  • Most have you have paid ahead for at least 1 week, after which payments will automatically be made when we pack your share

Things to look out for this season:

  • Our farm flower and display garden:  this will be free for members to use when they pick up from the farm.   We expect it will be in full swing by the end of June.  If you don't normally pick up on the farm but would like to sometime, just let us know!
  • Music festival!  Plans are underway to have a second music festival on the farm (our last was 2019 and was a lot of fun!).
  • Farm tours:  we will definitely have an open house and farm tours by early summer which is a really good chance to get in deep and see more closely what we do on the farm.

Thank you so much for joining us this season.  It's shaping up to be a great year and we look forward to meeting you!

Chris DeVries

Common Ground Farm