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Farm Happenings for September 26, 2019

Posted on September 22nd, 2019 by Chris DeVries

Fall is here officially, but your summer CSA is not over and neither is the summer weather apparently!  We have had a bit of a heat wave here and the fields are dry so we've been watering to keep things going and healthy.  

There are 3 weeks left of the summer session and then it's Thanksgiving.  Even though we have fewer of the summer veggies (like peppers and eggplant) we still have some and we have a lot of new late season things coming online like Napa cabbage, celeriac and kohlrabi.  In the fall CSA we will continue to have a lot of greens of all different kinds as well as many of the summer crops for October and early November.  As well we will be adding things like leek and brussel sprouts as they become available later in October.  If you haven't already added a fall subscription, there is still time as we have a few spots left open.