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Farm Happenings for December 10, 2020

Posted on December 6th, 2020 by Michael Hoke

What a mess this past week was on the farm.  We installed a new waterline from the road to improve our ability to wash vegetables, but the conditions weren't the best for it!  It's done now though and Shao is pretty excited to be able to fill sinks at least twice as fast.

I will be releasing details of our winter boxes very soon, but you'll see a separate email about that.  We will NOT be running auto-renew for these weeks as they will be quite different than summer and fall shares.

Despite the extra cold weather, we still have lots of greens available.  Spinach has been in short supply but we expect a significant harvest next week from a couple of our unheated hoophouse.  

Here's what we have on offer this week from off the farm:

  • Organic ambrosia apples (3lb bag) from BC (Pfennings)
  • Organic spartan apples (3lb bag) from BC (Pfennings)
  • Organic pears from USA (Pfennings)
  • Organic avocadoes from Mexico (Pfennings)
  • Organic raisins from USA (Pfennings)
  • Great Lakes farms Honey Crisp apples (NOT ORGANIC)
  • Great Lakes farms Gala apples (NOT ORGANIC)
  • Garlic from our own farm this week
  • Butternut squash: Hope ECO farms or Our Fields Farm Aylmer
  • onions: organic, Pfennings in Baden (near Kitchener)
  • potatoes: organic, Pfennings
  • green cabbage: organic, Pfennings
  • mushrooms: organic from a producer near Leamington (from Pfennings)
  • Eggs! from Amish farms in the Aylmer area:  18 count small eggs.  These are fed GMO free but not necessarily organic feed.  They are all from 100 or less flocks on different farms, graded at Harold Stoll's farm.