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Farm Happenings for July 23, 2020

Posted on July 19th, 2020 by Chris DeVries

This week we have cheese available to add onto your order from Gunn's Hill Cheese.  For this week we are introducing 3 types, all in larger format (300g) sizes for $12.50:

5 Brothers - hand crafted firm washed rind cow's milk cheese, combines Gouda and Appenzeller traits
5 Brothers Smoked - hand crafted cow's milk cheese, combines Gouda and Appenzeller traits, naturally smoked with apple wood. It is creamy with sweeter overtones and has a rich smokey flavour throughout.
Handeck - hand crafted hard cheese, washed rind, cow's milk, Swiss mountain style, with very rich and complex flavours and nutty overtones. 
We are currently between our beet and carrot plantings this week.  We've used up our super early hoophouse planted carrots and our transplanted beets and we're waiting for a large field planting to be sized up for next week.  As a result, we have brought in beets from pfennings this week and we only have a small amount of carrots.  We have started harvesting more variety of tomatoes from hoophouses this week which means you will slowly see more variety of heirloom tomatoes in your baskets over the next couple of weeks.
Anyone who did not receive blueberries they ordered last week, we will definitely complete those orders this week.  I am waiting on final numbers from blueberry hill to see if we can add even more to our order form Monday afternoon.