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Farm Happenings for May 15, 2020

Posted on May 11th, 2020 by Chris DeVries

Are you planning a garden this summer?  We are pre-selling transplants (mainly tomatoes but some others too) in our square store.  Delivery or pickup will start May 22nd and continue the following week.  Pre-order here to get the varieties you want:

(we will try our best to sync deliveries for veggies and plants that week, although the plants will create an extra complexity for us)

This week is beginning with March weather rather than May!  We are plugging ahead despite this and this week we are planting our first zucchini crop in hoophouses with the goal of having lots of Zucchini by late June!  We also have a lot of crops being transplanted this week.  People often forget in June when the weather is warm, that in our climate there are still only very few crops coming from outside at that time.   Fortunately we have a greenhouse to get us started early and the cherry tomatoes have just begun!