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Cooking Season!

Posted on October 30th, 2019 by Lisa Merva

It just feels so nice to stay inside on a cool, rainy day and cook up a storm… and we are ready to fill your fridge with fresh, nourishing ingredients grown right down the road.

Did you know that a Collective Harvest carrot has traveled 20 miles from the farm to your table, whereas the average grocery store carrot has traveled 1500 miles, and has been brokered by several entities along the way? And the farmer only gets a small percentage of the profit, with the majority going to those who broker, store and transport it along the way.

Thank you for your decision to support an alternative. We couldn’t do this without you!

A couple end-of-season reminders…

  • The last week of the Fall CSA is the week of November 11
  • Winter CSA will start in mid-January and we will have limited memberships available. Signup will be available NEXT WEEK! This one always sells out quickly, so please don’t procrastinate if you would like to join us for a healthful winter season of roots and greens greens greens! When signup is ready, I’ll notify current members first so you’ll have a head start.
  • Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you ask me the best meals start with the best ingredients... the local-er the better! Keep your eyes peeled for info about our second annual Thanksgiving Pre-order Market. We’ll have a ton of local produce and other goodies (butter, eggs, milk and more!) to help you make the most memorable meal ever.  

This week, those of you with an Independent Baking Co. Bread Share will get…

Classic Baguette! The quintessential modern French bread made only with unbleached flour, sea salt, and yeast.

Without further ado... let's eat!