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Farm Happenings for December 7th, 2022

Posted on December 4th, 2022 by Mike Finger

The customization period for this coming Wednesday's (December 7th) farm share is now OPEN and will remain so until midnight tonight, Sunday (12/4).  If you'd like to review or edit the items in your harvest NOW is the time to do so.  Once again, we have a robust list of crops available for this week's harvest , so if you do want to delete, swap, or add items you have some choices available to you.  If the link in this email doesn't connect you to your customization page, you can always log directly into your Harvie member account and customize from that location.

This Week's Photo: A nice medium head of fall Cauliflower, frozen solid by a deep frost. The public meteorologists aren't saying so just yet, but we believe this to be the longest sustained cold snap in our 33+ yrs of farming. Since around November 10th, high temps have seldom risen above 45 degrees with the lows dipping nearly every evening to below freezing ~ quite a bit below on a few days (18 degrees just prior to Thanksgiving). For the past week the surface 2" of the ground has been frozen solid, which has left our remaining crops in a slumped condition and the ground often too solidly frozen to dig root crops.  Fortunately, we have devoted the few relatively warm periods we've had to harvesting most of our remaining crops, and what we haven't been able pick we've been able to purchase from other local organic farms.  The days have been mostly dry and sunny, so once we've gotten our blood moving a bit, working in the chill has been enjoyable. Still, it's been an unusually cold, dry, and lengthy stretch of cold autumn that makes us appreciate anew our more generally wet and mild fall season.

This is our 29th week of delivery, with the 30th and final week taking place on December 14th.

Thank You for returning your box each week (or so) ~ as the season winds down, we are scrambling to find enough boxes to successfully pack your shares.

Thanks for your membership.

Your Farmers,

Mike, Kim, Matt, Georgi, Ashley, Debbie, Arden, and Lauren

Cedarville Farm