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Farm Happenings for November 30th, 2022

Posted on November 27th, 2022 by Mike Finger

The customization period for this coming Wednesday's (November 30th) farm share is now OPEN and will remain so until midnight tonight, Sunday (11/27).  If you'd like to review or edit the items in your harvest NOW is the time to do so.  Once again, we have a robust list of crops available for this week's harvest , so if you do want to delete, swap, or add items you have some choices available to you.  If the link in this email doesn't connect you to your customization page, you can always log directly into your Harvie member account and customize from that location.

This Week's Photo: Alas, all good things, especially those subject to frost and seasonal decline, must come to an end. Lauren, Arden, and Ashley begin the dusty and melancholy task of removing the spent tomato vines from one of our greenhouses. It was a bountiful year for this most esteemed of vegetables, in no small part due to the consistent and thorough attention the vines received from our able and tomato loving crew.  We hope you enjoyed the color, variety, and flavor of this year's crop as much as we did.

This is our 28th week of delivery, with two more to come after this week's harvest (December 7th and December 14th).

Thank You for returning your box each week (or so) ~ as the season winds down, we are scrambling to find enough boxes to successfully pack your shares.

Thanks for your membership.

Your Farmers,

Mike, Kim, Matt, Georgi, Ashley, Debbie, Arden, and Lauren

Cedarville Farm