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Farm Happenings for June 9, 2021

Posted on June 6th, 2021 by Mike Finger

Hi, Friends:

We had a small / medium heart attack moment this week when our irrigation pump failed to start, and this after we had just planted 1/4 acre of baby starts and direct seeded several beds.  Some phone calling to repair shops, much hand wringing, and final diagnosis by the good folks at Mac and Mac electric determined that our 40+ year old pump motor had finally bit the proverbial dust.  A replacement could arrive by the middle of next, Eddie the owner of Mac and Mac told us ~ but what would we do in the meanwhile with tender seedlings slowly dehydrating in the sun?  We have backup water, but only in a fraction of the volume our irrigation pond can provide. And then Friday evening it rained, a glorious million dollar rain and along with the shift to cooler weather we now are sleeping better with the knowledge our crops are good for the next few days.

Payment Plans and Credits:  We've  received a few questions about the Harvie payment plan and the meaning of "Credits."  Most of you, those who didn't pay in full or are members of some of our workplace programs, are on the Harvie payment plan which breaks down this way: 25% paid at sign up; 25% paid at first delivery; and the remaining 50% paid in installments with each of your remaining deliveries.  What your credit card statement will show is two relatively large payments prior to May 19th or May 26th, or start dates. Subsequent charges will appear shortly after each of your remaining deliveries and will be much small, typically $12 - $22/ delivery and reflect not the entire value of that week's share, but the fraction not covered by your  first two payments.

If you click around a bit you will find a tab on your Harvie member's page labelled "Credits."  This account is entirely separate from your main share account and is used by Harvie to compensate members for poor quality product, product or shares not delivered for some reason, and also as a promotional tool to sell more shares (the Refer a Friend program is "paid for" in deposits to your Credit account).  Credits are used anytime you purchase extra items or swap for items above the value of your regular share.  Want some cheese with your share, or perhaps a chicken? You can pay for all or some of these extra items with funds lodged in your credit account. If you paid for your share with a check purchasing some credits can make it easier for you to add extra items to your share if you might want.

Extra Items For This Week:

(These items are available to purchase as extras to your scheduled share for this week)

** Strawberries (Pure Nelida and

** Cheddar Cheese, mild, Golden Glen Creamery.  .33 lb wedge ~ $5.25

** Parmesan Cheese, aged, Golden Glen Creamery.  .33 lb wedge ~ $7.75

** Goat Cheese (Chevre), Lost Peacock Cremery.  .25 lb tube ~ $4.75

** Shiitake Mushrooms, Cascadia Farm,  5 oz bag ~ $3.75

** Dill & Cilantro (Cedarville Farm)  4 oz ~ $2.00/bu

This week's photo:  Arden drives our new Power Ox 2 wheel tractor attached to a 3 row basket weeder.  Tools like this allow us to cultivate our crops quicker and with less body wear and tear, and are a lot of fun to use as the smile on Arden's face suggests.

Thank You for your membership! Contact us any time if you have questions about your share or anything else to do with the farm.


Mike, Kim, and Crew

Cedarville Farm