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Trialing Microgreens!

Posted on December 13th, 2022 by Daniel Zimmerli

Truth be told we would likely not be trialing microgreens if we were still harvesting lettuce but this early winter/late fall proved to be too cold for the lettuce to survive. We are bummed out about this but it also offered an opportunity to try something new with tools and supplies we already had on hand. Being the resourceful farmers that we strive to be we knew we already had high efficiency, low cost LED lights, leftover seeds from the past couple seasons and some extra potting soil so we decided to trial some microgreens.

Microgreens, if you're not familiar, are greens harvested really, really young usually only around 7-10 days after the seed germinates. They are generally regarded as packed with nutrients and are very healthy for you. They are also quite versatile - you basically can add them to whatever your imagination can come up with. We see them added to eggs, sandwiches and salads most commonly.

Our first ever batch of microgreens will be available for your shares this week. We'd love to hear if you'd like to see microgreens available more regularly or if they're just not your thing.

If successful, we have plans to try and offer living microgreens with packaging you can return that we can reuse.