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Keeping On In the Winter Tunnel

Posted on November 16th, 2022 by Daniel Zimmerli

This is the time of year where things really slow down on the farm both in terms of growing plants but also work needing to be done on the farm. The main bit of farm work we're doing now is our daily tunnel chores which include doing a crop check, removing our frost protection and assessing how long we think the crops will endure the cold.

Our tunnel gives our crops protection from the wind, snow and rain and provides some modulation in temperature extremes but it will still get almost as cold as it is outside the tunnel. With our frost protection which is large blanket that gives a few degrees of temperature protection. We are nervous about the temperatures later this week as it expected to get close to zero or potentially even below zero which could mark the end of our production season.

We'll be doing a massive harvest this week and filling up as many totes as we can to have as much variety as possible going into December. We'll hope for the best!