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Planting the Last Seeds of 2022

Posted on September 17th, 2022 by Daniel Zimmerli

It's official: we're finally done planting for the 2022 season with one exception. On Friday we planted the last seeds of this season into our large tunnel. Crops included spinach, radish, arugula and our greens mix. We won't be harvesting these until the second half of October and they're crops where if everything goes ok will end up in our Winter Vegetable Shares.

Planting is something we're continuously doing all season long to make sure we have a steady supply of the widest variety of crops possible. Crops like lettuce we are seeding basically every week from March until September while other crops that don't handle the heat as well take a break during the summer months.

It feels really good to be finally done planting, especially this time of year. It means one less step of planning needed to get through each week and it means we have more energy for getting our storage crops harvested and cured where necessary.