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Farm Happenings for August 14, 2019

Posted on August 12th, 2019 by Janet Aardema

Mid-August on the farm sees an abundance of fruiting crops! Beans are rolling now, and we overcame what was holding back our Summer Squash. Peppers and Tomatoes are holding steady, and we even have some Cucumbers thanks to disease-resistant varieties that we are harvesting now. This is the time of year when we have the least amount of greens, but we still have Lettuce, and even some Salad greens and Chard available. 

We love combining all these vegetables and herbs. We made a saute of our onions, garlic, summer squash, peppers, and beans that we served our kids alongside eggs topped with cheese. They gushed. We made Roasted Red Pepper Aioli (simple ingredients - roasted red peppers, mayo, garlic, salt, basil - all blended up) and served alongside potatoes, salad, and protein (roast from Deer Run Farm of Amelia in the Instant Pot). The eating is so good!

Enjoy your options this week!


Janet & Dan