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Posted on November 20th, 2023 by Adam Blaney

Happy thanksgiving week, y’all! 

I know you just picked up veggies a couple days ago, but because of the holiday week, email comes early. SO… here we go. 

Don’t forget your options: 

- Pickup TOMORROW (11/21) at the farm (4-5:30). 
- Pickup WEDNESDAY at Farmers Market (9:00-12:00). 
- Request your share be left in the farm stand fridge, for pickup at your convenience.

Please confirm your delivery location as to market or farm pickup and change if need be. And PLEASE LET US KNOW if you need a Farm Stand drop, so we can be sure to get everyone packed accordingly. 

MEAT! Quick note here. Briar Bush farm has chicken, as always, and PORK now available (chops and sausage). Order what you need, BUT if you’re a farm stand pickup this week, you may need to wait a week, as we don’t have freezer storage for meat in the farm stand. Farm pickup and market are fine to order meat. THANKS!   

Thanks for your patience during the weird schedule. And thanks for your support, as always! 
See you soon!