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What's up on the farm!?

Posted on July 7th, 2020 by Adam Blaney

This week brings us earlier working hours to avoid the 90 degree temps of the afternoons. Our lettuce is struggling to survive the heat, but, fortunately, other sun loving produce is thriving. You will begin seeing peppers and eggplant soon, even if it is in the trade bin for this week. It is so hard being patient, waiting for those pretty oranges and reds in our pepper beds! 

If you are able to return your pint and quart containers on your Friday visit to the farm, we would be grateful. This helps keep that specific cost down, and we love reusing where we can. 

Many of you have successfully utilized the delay feature for your share while out of town. Please let us know if you have any trouble doing this, as we can help! 

If you have not yet signed up for your work share, please touch base with us. We have many Thursdays, some Fridays, and a few Saturday slots still open. We appreciate your time on our farm! The jobs aren't always glamorous, but you help us get many important tasks marked off of our to-do list. 

As always, we are thankful for you! Have a lovely week, and stay cool! 

Blaney crew