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CSA Fall Box #4!!! (click Continue Reading to see whole newsletters)

Posted on October 21st, 2019 by Ayla Dodge

Hello Fall Share Members! Please click on Continue Reading to see our whole newsletter

This is the 4th and Final Box of the year!  Thank you for a lovely year!

If you are half share, your box is delivery every other week. Please remember to check if this is your week or not.  Full shares are delivered every week.  When your box is delivered on Thursday, a delivery email is sent out.  EVERY one at that dropsite gets that email, even if you do not get a box that week. So it is important for you to know which weeks you pick up.  Please email me with questions. Here is information on how to access when and where to pick up your box

It has been a good run this year!  We so appreciate you and your support and understanding!  This week and next on the farm our goal is to get everything out of the field that we wholesale through the winter.  we are preparing winter paddocking for animals and fixing up our greenhouses and hoophouses for the winter.  Lots to do to put the farm to bed for the winter!  

This week you will notice that you can sign up for Organic Honeycrisp, Spartan or Cortland Apples!  Our very good friends down the road from us Earthsong Fibers, have lovely organic apples for sale that we will be sticking in the box if you sign up.  If you are like me, it is hard to trust what happens to apples before they get to your kids mouths.  These folks don't use any sprays and also have apples that are not "perfect" because of it.  They are varied in size and have specks and odd shapes sometimes, but they taste great and store well, too. These apples are very good!

We will have lots of great pastured pork for you to add-on to your box or you can sign up for a package and we will home deliver.  You can find this under "choose add-ons" when you go here: HERE

Here is what you may have in your box:

Brussel Sprouts-  These tasty morsels are lovely roasted with garlic, bacon or bacon grease and salt.  

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

Onions- A mix of yellow and red 

Garlic-2 bulbs. Keeps well on the counter or a cool, dry place.

Potatoes- Kennebec from Threshing Table Farm- 2 lbs.  Do not keep these in the refrigerator as the starches will turn to sugar and they will get sweet and not fry up as well.  Keep out of the light (put in a dark bag) or they will turn green. 

Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Green Curly Kale- keep in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Spicy Tuscan Kale and Ricotta Pie

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with LOTS Of kale

Radishes- Crispy Roasted Radishes

Chicken Salad with Apples and Radishes

Salad Turnips- Southwest Winter Slaw

Orange Carrots- These are pretty tasty this time of year, sweet and crunchy.  Eat raw or roast.  They will keep in the bag for months.

Red Bulk Beets- Our fall beets got pretty big this year!  These will keep in a container or plastic bag in the fridge for months.

Green Cabbage- Our fall cabbage is so lovely this year!  It is sweet, my kids like to eat a wedge of it just as is!  

Grilled Cabbage with Bacon!

Winter Squash- various- Some delicata, red kuri, spaghetti, acorn and Carnival Sweet dumpling in the mix this week!  These wil keep for quite a while.  If you see a spot that is starting on a squash, just peel and cube it up and freeze or roast and freeze it if you don't want to eat it right then.

Pie Pumpkins- We ended up with a lot of these this fall and we actually really like to cook with them!

when looking at a recipe for say bars or pie, just raost or steam your pumpkin, peel and puree it- and you have your pumpkin puree for the recipe!

Pumpkin Bars

Lettuce Mix with other stuff in it-  This is a nice fresh mix of everything we have left in our greenhouse for greens!  .5 lb. Keeps well for at least a week.  Please rewash. 

Cauliflower- All of a sudden our cauliflower is looking gorgeous with this fall weather.  There is a lot mroe out there that could head up but we think it will get too cold too soon. So this is the last picking!

Romaine or Iceberg Lettuce- These are small, so most are doubled up.  Wash first, please.  We wash and spray but its muddy out there!


Digging carrots!

Mama cow peeking through the underbrush of our oak savannah

Digging carrots with alongside our pig friends

Muddy Muddy mess!


Thank you and have a good week and winter!