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One Time February Farm Shop open!

Posted on February 12th, 2021 by Ayla Dodge

Hello!  Well, it sure is bitterly cold outside!  I hope everyone is finding warmth and things to do inside during this time.  This month on the farm, we have been busy hiring our crew for the season, crop planning, fixing tractors and trucks and definitely spending lots of snuggle time with our new little bundle.

Again this month, we are opening up our Farm Store.  NEW this month is our grass-fed, grass-finished Scottish Highland beef! Also NEW this month is local artisan organic naturally leavened bread from Crave Sister (we can attest to its awesomeness, she's also our friend)!   We still have carrots, some beets and rutabaga as well as our pork and chicken and honey from The Beez Kneez.

The minimum to order is $50 and there is a $10 fee for home delivery.  We hope you are finding this monthly delivery system easy to use look forward to delivering to you again! Sign up for a FARM STORE ORDER HERE

Our CSA is also open for the 2021 season!  Sign up for a CSA SHARE HERE

Your farmers 

James, Ayla and the kiddos

Homemade ramen with tenderloin and pork bone broth!