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CSA Box 15 (Please Click on Continue Reading to see Whole Newsletter)

Posted on September 14th, 2020 by Ayla Dodge

Hello Members!

This is the second to last box for Full share members and half share members whose box is next week.  This is the LAST BOX for half share members who have a box this week.  The season flew by and we can't believe it is already half way through September!

It is looking like more frost late this week, but at this point we have all the frost sensitive crops out of the ground and the frosts only sweeten up the crops, like carrots! 

On the farm this week, we are moving animals, preparing areas for next year, cleaning out old beds and hoophouses and transitioning to fall.  

We still have spots left in our FALL SHARE CSA if you would like to continue your shares for 2 or 4 more weeks.  The first box goes out October 1st.  SIGN UP HERE

Here is what is in the box this week: 

Brussels Sprouts- about a pound (quart). These need to be cleaned up a bit but cutting the bottom off and the first couple leaves off.  These will store for a weeks in a plastic bag.  Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Celeriac Root (great for soups, celery root)- These taste a lot like celery, and as you can imagine are great for soups with carrots and onions.  There are also alot of recipes out there for creamy celeriac soups and such. Peel them first and they are a great root winter vegetable to get to know.  Celeriac Soup with Chorizo

Potato and Celeriac Gratin

Pac Choi (Bok Choy)- 1-2 this week.   A great simple vegetable that is versatile in any stir fry or saute or grilling.  How to cook bok choy (Pac Choi)

Popcorn- These are both great for any fall decorations and also if you let you sit for AT LEAST A MONTH, You can take the kernals off the cob and pop them all winter long.  We are STILL popping our popcorn from last year!  Just remember to let them sit until about November in a dry place and you can give it a try! Enjoy!

Peppers- Still going strong in the hoophouse! 2 peppers each- orange and red.  So Sweet this time of year! Stir Fry Peppers and Onions

Broccoli/Cauliflower- WE MAY BE SHORT ON THESE!  The broccoli is not heading up as fast as we would like, although the heads do look beautiful!  Apologies if you do not get one. 

Pie Pumpkin (for pie!)- These are also great for decoration, but please also cook with them!  They are a sweet pie pumkpin that is great for baking's not hard!  From Scratch Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Winter Squash- Butternut and Spaghetti- These are not cured and they will not last for months, but they are pretty shelf stable unless they get a blemish for a few weeks.  Keep on counter.

Taco Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Rainbow Carrots!! These are so beautiful and full of antioxidants.  They have also sweetened up with the frost.  Top them to store longer in a plastic bag.  Great roasted and mixed with beets, onions, squash, garlic and potatoes.  

Potatoes- Russet.  Classic french fry potato, but we don't grow the typical large russets, so they are harder to make long french fries, but still good!  These are washed but we recommend washing again.  Don't peel potatoes!  That is where a lot of the nutrients are, plus we don't spray or use chemical feritlizers so the peelings are not bad for you.  Keep in a cool dark place.

Onions- so many ways to eat an onion...

Garlic- so many uses for garlic...

Cherry Tomatoes- Last of the cherry tomatoes we think! Enjoy!

Head Lettuce- Romaine (1 large or 2 small).  crisp, fresh and sweet this time of year.  Wash again once you take the leaves apart.  Keep in plastic bag in the fridge to keep from wilting.  

Baby Kale- I basically ate a whole pound this for lunch yesterday. Baby is demanding a lot of nutrients these days I guess!  Still, this kale is amazing!  Toss a little dressing of your choice on it and voila...the best side salad ever!

Quick Tahini Miso Dressing

Herb Bunch- a great mix of savory, oregano and thyme for using in soups, vegetable roasts, slowcooker meats and more.  You can hang and dry them too.



in the box next week we are thinking:


winter squash


salad turnips



salad mix

purple napa cabbage

green cabbage head



garlic and onions


cilantro or parsley



Thank you for your support of our family farm!  

Your Farmers


Goodbye eggplant, prepping beds for winter spinach

Moos Cows trying to get in the photo!