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Frey Family Farm

Frey Family Farm

28411 SR 706 E, Ashford, WA
Frey Family Farm is a certified organic mixed vegetable, berry and hay farm located on Mt. Rainier National Park Highway, 5 miles from the Nisqually Entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park. read more
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Pink Moon Farm

Pink Moon Farm

7115 340th St E, Eatonville, WA
Located in the foothills of Mt Rainier, Pink Moon Farm grows mixed vegetables for CSA and market. We integrate our flocks of laying hens and Icelandic sheep to maximize soil health and reduce off farm inputs. The farm uses organic practices, and actively works to give back to the community through work-shares, community boxes, and CSA discounts. See our webpage for details.

If you are interested in a work share, or using EBT for your share, please contact us directly at pinkmoonfarmer(at)
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