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Harvest Green Village Farm

Harvest Green Village Farm

8939 Harlem Rd, Richmond, TX
The Village Farm is a 12-acre interactive agricultural amenity, nestled prominently at the entrance of Harvest Green. The farm is designed to be a "working" educational experience, in that the farm itself is actually a production farm, supporting many of its expenses by selling produce. It also serves as a venue for agriculturally-related community events. read more
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Urban Veg

Urban Veg Farm

14439 NW Military Hwy, Ste 108-484, San Antonio,, TX
Urban Veg is a family run urban farm committed to rebuilding relationships with the farmer and the community. We are passionate about the next movement into farming which is hyper local urban farming dedicated to turn green grass into plots that can supply our local community with fresh produce while using less of Mother Natures vital resources. read more
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The Farm at Millican Reserve

The Farm at Millican Reserve Farm

4349 High Praire Rd., College Station, TX
The Farm is located at Millican Reserve, in the heart of Texas' Brazos Valley, on the south side of College Station. Using reduced-till and other sustainable growing practices, your vegetables are hand-tended by our team of farmers. We strive to bring the best of each season to your dinner table by producing healthy, locally sourced, chemical free produce read more
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