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Harland's Creek Farm, LLC

Harland's Creek Farm, LLC Farm

97 Wagon Trace, Pittsboro, NC
Harland's Creek Farm, LLC is a certified organic farm located on a historic site near Pittsboro NC. Our eggs, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits are certified organic. The farm is operated by Judy Lessler, Erasmo Flores, and Yoli Nill. Judy started the farm with her husband in 1999. Erasmo worked on the farm for many years and became a partner in 2016. Yoli, Erasmo's wife, joined the farm operations in 2018. In 2020, Victor Flores also began working with us. 

Harland's Creek Farm is dedicated to protecting our environment. We farm organically to protect our land. We use plastic-free packing for our deliveries to protect the world's oceans and streams.
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