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Winslow's Farm

Winslow's Farm

150 Winslows Farm Road, Augusta, MO
Winslow’s Farm is located in Augusta, Mo. on an old hog farm settled in the 1800's by German immigrants. The 5 acre growing field is tucked away in a valley surrounded by rolling hills blessed with old growth trees and rich Missouri bottomland soil. Since 2005 this land has been nurtured and planted using time honored organic and natural farming principles & practices. Chickens graze in the surrounding pastures, raised for eggs and pest control, rotating fields with a herd of goats and our horse Red. The large variety of annual and perennial fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs are grown seasonally for our CSA members and select restaurants in the St Louis metropolitan area. Seed crop varieties are selected for their taste and ability to withstand pest and disease pressure. Late winter seeds are started in the green house before planting in succession on the growing field. The fields are irrigated with well water, where crops are tended closely and hand harvested daily for peak flavor.

The 100 year old structures have been carefully retrofitted for todays needs, but clean up beautifully for private events throughout the spring and summer months.
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