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Barr Farms

Barr Farms Farm

2440 Popham Rd, Rhodelia, KY
We are a seventh generation family farm, raising certified organic vegetables for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and Farmers Markets. We also raise pastured chicken, 100% grassfed beef and offer pastured pork. We raise food with the intention of taking care of the land: growing healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people. Since we are a seventh generation family farm, caring for the land and soil for our children and the next seven generations is at the forefront of our farming practices. We nourish the soil with compost from our farm, and other natural ways to bring nutrients and minerals back to the land to improve the health of the soil, land and crops. We work to maintain a balanced, healthy soil to help grow healthy plants and food. We see our farm as part of a larger community-- a network of people who are interdependent with each other. We grow healthy food for our family, friends and community. read more
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Ashbourne Farms

Ashbourne Farms Farm

3801 Old Westport Road, La Grange, KY
*** Ashbourne Farms has implemented harvesting and delivery procedures according to COVID-19 protection guidelines***

Ashbourne Farms is a third-generation family farm nestled in the rolling hills of La Grange, Kentucky. We are proud to provide more than 90 varieties of Certified Organic produce to our CSA customers. Our six acres of vegetable gardens and four greenhouses afford us an extended 28-week growing season, longer than any other CSA. Making it possible for you to bring the flavor and health benefits of freshly grown vegetables to your table year-round.
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U of L Belknap campus

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