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Rora Valley Farms

Rora Valley Farms Farm

2235 Coosa County Road 49, Goodwater, AL
Rora Valley Farms is located in beautiful rural Coosa County, Alabama and is owned and operated by the Sanders Family and was established in 2009. Currently my wife Dorothy and I (Noah) oversee the vegetable and bakery operations while my cousin Luke Sanders and his wife Kristin oversee the meat and egg production. Our kids help out as well! Here at Rora Valley Farms we strive to produce real food. Many industrial foods today put on a good show, but fail to provide our bodies with the nutrients we need to function properly. When God designed our bodies, He also designed amazing foods to fuel them. But most industrial foods have strayed from that original design, and we have reaped the consequences. Through building healthy, living soil and utilizing natural systems of production and management we strive to harvest food that feeds our bodies, as well as our taste buds. read more
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