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Harvie connects you directly with trusted local farms who deliver shares of farm fresh products customized to your personal preferences.

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Farmer Joe's Gardens

Farmer Joe's Gardens Farm

109 Leigus Road, Wallingford, CT

Eating nutritious and fresh food is easiest when you have the food ready at hand. Our CSA picks and packs our best produce for you every week starting in May. We offer pickup at the farm stand, pickup at Shelley's Garden Center, and delivery to help you not miss a single farm share. No one enjoys wasting food - we have a solution to that. You can let us pick and pack the shares as we harvest like a surprise - or each week you can customize what goes into your basket from what we are picking so that you get exactly what your family will eat. The hard part isn't choosing if a full or medium share is the best fit - the hard part is waiting for the first harvest! Join today and tell us to plant for you!

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