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Harvie connects you directly with trusted local farms who deliver shares of farm fresh products customized to your personal preferences.

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Central Alberta
Noble Gardens

Noble Gardens Farm

PO Box 7, Nobleford, AB
On the beautiful Alberta prairies, Noble Gardens is a family farm owned by Tim & Brenda Vrieselaar. We are committed to growing tasty and healthy chemical-free vegetables for our customers in Calgary and Lethbridge. We have partnered with other local growers and producers to bring you a wider variety of product.  Options now include vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, eggs and honey. We offer home delivery to get the product to you safely.
Our family eats what our customers eat so we know it’s the best Southern Alberta can grow!
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Happiness By The Acre

Happiness By The Acre Farm

6615 Silver Springs Crescent Northwest, Calgary, AB
Bringing people together around the dinner table to enjoy the bounty of our local food community, lovingly raised and stewarded, blessed with faith and family is why we do the work we do. We tend our land as an expression of healing faith, always aiming to bring greater health and abundance to the land, our community, and future generations. read more
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