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Klickitat Winery

Klickitat Winery Farm

6 Lyle-Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA
We are a family operated Certified Organic and Bee Better Certified vineyard, orchard, and vegetable farm. We make our own wines and infused vinegars and pickled/canned goods. We focus on dry-farming techniques with permaculture methods to conserve water and promote the ecosystem. We like to grow heirloom crops and plants that can handle our climate with minimal care to promote diversity and create a hardy seed bank. read more
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Flat Tack & Sprout and Blossom Farm

Flat Tack & Sprout and Blossom Farm

9400 NE 134th Street, Vancouver, WA
For 2021 we are partnering with some farmer friends to bring more abundance of sustainably grown food and farm products to our community!

Meet Flat Tack Farm- Flat Tack is a small scale farm nestled within the serene vineyard setting of Heathen Estate in Vancouver, Washington. The farm was started in 2017 by co-farmers Kelly and Patrick. Flat Tack Farm specializes in growing a wide variety of produce, all without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers; while focusing on improving the land to a healthier state using holistic, all natural practices. The current cultivated area is around 1 acre and is farmed using intensive methods that focus on low tillage and integrating Permaculture (permanent agriculture: creating natural eco-systems designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient) practices into our gardens. Flat Tack Farm focuses on growing heirloom, rare and unique varieties of produce. 

Meet Sprout and Blossom Farm- Sprout and Blossom was started by Lyndsay in 2017. When the farm was first started it was nothing but an idea and big plot of grassy land. Over the four seasons of farming land leased on Vancouver Lake Lyndsay was able to expand the cultivated area to an acre of veggies, flowers, herbs and natives. Small scale farming is the future and one of the ways that we can combat the major climate and social issues revolving around Industrial Agriculture. Creating abundance both through food and community allows for a deep connection to each other and ourselves. Food is medicine, it is connection, it is life. 

Near the end of 2020 Sprout and Blossom farm moved from their old location to join Flat Tack Farm in NE Vancouver. The two farms are working together to combine labor and skills to bring you the freshest, healthiest produce! By combining in a cooperative effort the farmers can join forces to expand their operations and help more of our community members have access to locally grown goodness.
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A Rocha Farm

A Rocha Farm

1620 192 Street, Surrey, BC
A Rocha Farm has been growing healthy food and caring for the ecology of our place in South Surrey since 2005. Our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program and farm stand connects a community of eaters in Metro Vancouver to local, seasonal food. The farm grows a diversity of vegetable crops on 3 acres of land at the A Rocha Environmental Centre.

The centre, including the farm, serves as a "living classroom" for many school children, visitors, and farm interns. A Rocha's conservation program is active in scientific monitoring and habitat restoration with a focus on the Little Campbell Watershed. The property boasts the largest collection of historic buildings in the City of Surrey with a guesthouse that serves as a hospitality centre for the A Rocha community as well as overnight guests and retreats.

A Rocha is a Christian faith-based organization with programs in Northern BC, Manitoba and Ontario and is part of a global family of A Rocha projects in 21 different countries, all working for the restoration of people and places.
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