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Honey Brook Organic Farm
Honey Brook Organic Farm
258 Ellisdale Road, Chesterfield, NJ
Since 1991, Honey Brook Organic Farm has been producing nutrient rich, healthy organic produce for our customers and CSA community. In fact, in 2020 we are celebrating our 30th farming season!  Farmers Jim, Sherry and their expert staff grow certified organic vegetables, berries, tree fruits, nuts, flowers, herbs and heirloom dried beans on over 100 acres of farmland at our Pennington and Chesterfield, NJ locations. Our certified organic farming practices aim to enhance and promote the health of our soils,  which means you and your family receive maximal nutrition, antioxidants and other health promoting compounds from our produce. In addition to doing good things with produce, we built our farm around other values as well. We treat our Mexican field workers well and welcome them back year after year. Additionally we are painfully aware that climate change, environmental degradation, species decline and loss and plastics pollution are serious threats to the health and beauty of the natural world and have sought to address these problems in our own practices. We would be honored to grow food for you and your family and welcome you to our farm. read more
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