The New Harvie Membership Plans

Our goal with Harvie has always been to make buying local food easier. But, we know that our $99 minimum order has been a challenge for many Pittsburghers. 

So, we’re happy to announce new membership plans — each with a $35 minimum order.

The plans are as follows:


  • $24 / year (this fee will be waived for all existing members this year)
  • $35 minimum order
  • $11.95 delivery fee


  • $199/ year
  • $35 minimum order 
  • Unlimited free deliveries (over $600 value)

We hope these changes make Harvie more accessible to you and many more people in our region over the next few years.

Thank you for your continued feedback and for supporting our work. It means so much to us and our producers. It is an honor to feed you and your family every week!

We are taking time to roll existing members into this program. New members who sign up now will be added to these plans.