Pittsburgh: Meet the Local Grocery Box

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to build a food supply chain that works for everyone involved, and it’s challenging work. After hearing from members and producers, we took a step back and the Local Grocery Box stepped up. Before the Local Grocery Box at Harvie Farms Pittsburgh, we offered various subscriptions for vegetables, meats, and add-ons like coffee and bread. It was a lot for our members to keep straight, and we questioned how scaleable that model was. Now, with the Local Grocery Box, our Pittsburgh members can get their entire grocery haul all in one subscription and we can better support more local producers. By having one subscription type, we can purchase more regularly and consistently from producers so that they can count on us as a market for their products. 

Harvie Farms Pittsburgh local grocery boxFor members, it’s like ordering online from Whole Foods, except every single item you purchase is carefully selected from small, regional producers and curated to fit your tastes. The Local Grocery Box comes in five sizes so that members can order as much food as you need each week; choose from vegetables, meats, pasta, preserves, beverages, snacks, dairy, and more! Add exactly what you want in your box, and then wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep. The Local Grocery Box subscription also comes with unlimited delivery skips, meaning that you can easily create a schedule that works for you. Going on vacation? Still have plenty of food from last week? No problem, just skip a delivery with the click of a button. 

How we spend our money and how we eat have direct results in the world. We can shape a more sustainable future by supporting small, family-owned farms and artisans with our grocery budget. Members can be confident that their dollars are going right back into our local food community; 50-60 cents of each dollar goes directly back to our producers compared with an average of 14 cents going back to farmers in the national grocery system. Additionally, our members help provide local jobs in the Pittsburgh area. This is impactful change. 

By personally scouting for producers in the area, we’ve been able to bring on a wider selection of groceries to fill our member’s tables. One example is Yarnick’s Farm and Greenhouses in Indiana, PA. Simon went to visit Dan Yarnick’s farm last week with a few members of the Harvie team, and Dan is so excited to bring his products to Harvie members in the new Local Grocery Box! We’ve got his hydroponically grown tomatoes for sale on Harvie Farms Pittsburgh right now. Dan has over 50 years of farming experience and has invested heavily in his operation to grow this quality product. With Harvie Farms Pittsburgh, now he can sell to his local community instead of shipping his tomatoes to New York City! 

For us at Harvie, the Local Grocery Box is a tangible step towards the food system we envision. Learn more about the Local Grocery Box here, and if you’re in Pittsburgh, we hope you’ll join us in the revolution! 

Media Alert: Harvie’s Got Something to Say about Local Food

The local foods landscape has seen a tide change in the past decade, and COVID-19 quickly ushered in the newest wave of innovation and consumer demand. We’re keeping tabs on the latest trends and digging into the issues around sustainable agriculture to bring you the best ways to support a food system that works for you and the planet. We are amped that we’ve been featured in two national media outlets this past month, and humbled to share our take on the future of local food.

Our first mention this month was in the Wall Street Journal article “The Digital Farmers’ Market: New Shortcuts to the Freshest Food,” which explains the inception of several local food tech companies and their vision for where the industry is headed. In the article, our CEO Simon calls out the origins of his CSA tech platform Small Farm Central in 2005, and the evolution into the Harvie you know and love today. The responsiveness of local food tech companies to the needs of farmers and consumers is unique, and this is the best way we can beat the big guys—farms and grocers alike—to create a food system that cultivates community, sustainability, and trust.

You may not be surprised to read yet another article about the age old plant-based vs. meat diet debate. But, we are in a new moment where top restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park are making the plant-based plunge, slashing animal products from their menu. While individuals and businesses can certainly make their own choices about the food they prepare and eat, categorically writing off animal products as a health and climate disaster is a surface level response to a deep issue of animal production practices, and ignores the actual benefits that animals can have in a balanced farming operation. As one example, recent studies indicate that well managed pasture lands can sequester impressive amounts of carbon and provide habitat for hundreds of species of insects. A plant-based, monoculture corn field couldn’t create that level of environmental asset. Moreover, for those home chefs who do enjoy eating animal products, removing them from our diets would strip us from the culinary exploration and delight that they bring to our palettes. Chef Dan Barber from Stone Barns Center in upstate New York knows this, and raises and sources sustainably produced meats to include in his exemplary menu. If this conversation piques your interest, check out the full op-ed in the Washington Post by Harvie COO and farmer Kyle Jaster, and let us know what you think! Find it here: Ditching meat isn’t the answer for climate change: better farming is.

Join the movement! Invest in food from people you know

Together we can change the way the world eats. Let’s create a world where people spend more money buying from local farms, small businesses and artisans, and less on the big businesses and corporations that currently dominate our food system.

With more than 60,000 customers and 250 farmers and producers across the country, we’ve got momentum in revolutionizing the way people access food. And together, we are on the brink of taking this to the next level.

Harvie’s vision is 5 million households connecting with farmers and producers on our platform by 2030. If we can pull this off, it would give local farmers and producers the ability to really compete with the big guys that currently rule the grocery market.

To kick this whole thing up a notch, Harvie has launched a campaign with Honeycomb Credit to give you all a way to invest a more resilient food system for us all. This is a movement built by the community, for the community, so it felt right to give the community a way to invest in the business, rather than ask for donations to take this work to the next level. It’s an easy way for people to diversify their portfolios by investing in small, local businesses. Learn more here.

With your help, we can make big things happen. Together let’s design a world where you can easily access food from people you know, where small farms and businesses rule, and where local economies and food systems thrive.

Join the revolution here: Harvie.mx/GROW

Will COVID-19 Change the Way the World Eats?

COVID-19 has touched our lives, society, and families in innumerable ways. We’ve all changed so much about our day-to-day in the past year and are wondering which changes will stay with us when we go back to “normal”. Harvie has been asking those questions too. What will the new normal look like? How can we all work together to build a strong, resilient food system where we can buy food from people we know and trust?

We decided to find out how you see the future of food for your family. In January we launched an online survey and were pumped to see over 2,000 responses roll in. It’s clear that COVID-19 has shown us all the value of community, caring for our neighbor, and staying healthy. Here are some key results from our survey we wanted to share with you. For full survey results check out the infographic below.

76.3% of those who took the survey have an increased desire to support local farmers and suppliers into the future. We also noted an interest in supporting local restaurants through take-out and delivery. To us, these results show that food is a powerful tool for strengthening local economies and keeping our communities resilient.

Speaking of community, here at Harvie we love a night in, gathered around a home-cooked meal. We were thrilled to see that nearly 79% of our survey respondents are cooking at home more since COVID-19 hit and 59.9% intend to continue doing so. What’s more, 57.7% of people have had an increased interest in home delivered groceries, and 34.9% would like to continue receiving home-delivered groceries post-pandemic.

If the above sounds like you, then we’ve got you covered! We know it’s not always easy to find farm-to-table ingredients and decide what to cook. Harvie makes it convenient and fun to buy from farmers nearby and source recipe ideas from our social communities (for those nights when you stare at the fridge and can’t make a decision!). We source products from small farms, fishermen, and artisans and deliver them right to your door. By shortening the supply chain, we allow more of your dollar to go directly to the farmer and provide our members with transparency about where your food came from and how it was grown. You can even customize what’s in each box to always receive just what you want. Harvie is your go-to grocer for fresh, nutritious, home-delivered food from people you know.

We would love to hear how your food purchasing and preparation has changed from the pandemic! Follow Harvie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for food facts, recipes, and ideas for keeping food close to home. The only way we’ll change the way the world eats is together.

Food from people you know

I took last week off and it was good to get a few days away from the typical workday hustle to have some time to relax, work on some projects, and spend some extra time with my boys.

It also gave me some time to think –about the incredible work that is happening here to change the way the world eats and the role that each of us can play to transform our food system.

This is the most important work I can imagine doing. And it’s hard, but changing the world isn’t easy or else someone else would have already done it! 

One of my tasks this week was to think about what Harvie is. What makes us different? What groceries can we provide to our customers? How can we fit into and support local food systems? What is Harvie?

Of course, we must be convenient –providing home delivery, the ability to customize, and user-friendly technology. Prices must be reasonable, but quality must be a priority. And our customer service must be friendly, knowledgeable, and lightning fast.

But none of that encompasses the core of what makes Harvie and the service we provide unique. 

I keep coming back to the deep relationships with hard-working, family-owned farms and small, main street businesses. I think about the community we can build around food, connecting home chefs with top quality ingredients thoughtfully sourced from real people with real stories. This is what makes Harvie unique. 

So, what is Harvie? Harvie is food from people you know.

Every box is a unique story about a community of growers and artisans and the incredible home chefs who cook it with love to feed the people they care for. 

It’s all about relationships, and with Harvie you know where your food is coming from and the unique story behind it.

Food is about more than farms, so we are expanding our vision of what makes sense to sell on Harvie. Farmers are major players, of course, but it’s also about other community food producers like bakers, coffee roasters, and butchers. If we can tell a story about the people who grew or created a particular product, we want to share it with you. 

With Harvie, you can embrace the life you want to live while being the person you want to be in your community. Enjoy the luxury of top-quality ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from farmers and businesses supporting their local food system, all delivered right to your door. With Harvie, you can have your cake and eat it too. Now let’s chow down.

Harvie Farms Pittsburgh Seeking Part-time Operations Assistant

Harvie Farms Pittsburgh Seeking Part-time Operations Assistant

Harvie Farms Pittsburgh is a local foods home delivery service based in Lawrenceville. Founded in 2020 with a mission to make it as simple as possible for families to have access to local foods, Harvie Farms is a farm share model that emphasizes customization and convenience.

We are looking for smart and motivated individuals that want to work in a start-up food hub environment as an Operations Assistant. Each week the Harvie Farms crew will work together to aggregate products from our farm and producer partners and then create customized farm shares for customers in our Pittsburgh warehouse space. Products will include produce, eggs, milk, cheese, bread, meat, flowers, and other locally made products.

Most work hours will be daytime Tuesdays through Thursdays starting immediately. Room for advancement and additional hours available for the right candidate. The best applicants will be:

  • Quick workers with an extremely high attention to detail.
  • Motivated to communicate and work well with a team.
  • Reliable, prompt, and flexible.
  • Familiar with the various types of produce and farm products offered in a diverse farm share.
  • Interested in supporting local farms and providing high levels of customer service.
  • Able to do repetitive tasks that involve lifting and hauling on a warehouse floor.

Compensation begins at $15/hour. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to neil@harvie.farm. Positions will fill quickly—we recommend applying soon.

Culture bearers in New Orleans Eat Farm Fresh with Feed the Second Line and Harvie


Simon Huntley
Founder/CEO, Harvie

Devin Dewulf
Founder, Feed the Second Line

Culture bearers in New Orleans Eat Farm Fresh with Feed the Second Line and Harvie
Feed the Second Line is partnering with Harvie Farms New Orleans to get farm-fresh local food directly to the door steps of culture bearers

New Orleans, LA. — This week, Feed the Second Line adds five culture-bearers to the Harvie Farms New Orleans home delivery service. These culture-bearers will receive a customized box of local food from farms and suppliers in Louisiana and Mississippi. 

The estimated cost is $2,500 for a year’s worth of Harvie deliveries for one culture-bearer – the goal is to add them all 120 culture bearers in 2021 (which means a goal of $312,500).

“This is really important because our elders need access to healthy food and we need to also support small, local farms in our purchasing power” says Devin Dewulf, founder of Feed the Second Line.

As the general public signs up for the Harvie Farms New Orleans service, they will have the option of donating $10, $25, or $50 per delivery to Feed the Second Line that will be used to purchase Harvie deliveries for culture bearers.

“We are excited to support the culture of New Orleans through Feed the Second Line while also supporting the agri-culture of the region by bringing local farms and suppliers to the front door of Harvie Farms New Orleans members. It’s good for our culture, our farmers, and, most importantly, the food is delicious and farm fresh,” says Simon Huntley, CEO of Harvie.

About Harvie Farms New Orleans

Harvie Farms New Orleans works with more than 30 local farms and suppliers to bring a localized, farm-fresh grocery box to the front door of members. The delivery area includes metropolitan New Orleans, Kenner, Slidell, and Covington. Harvie’s goal is to help small, local farms beat the big buys by creating a direct link between farmers and consumers in the New Orleans region. Information on becoming a member can be found at http://harvie.farm/neworleans

About Feed the Second Line

Launched by the Krewe of Red Beans in 2020, Feed the Second Line seeks to create a strong safety net for New Orleans culture. Purchasing groceries for our culture-bearers and creating jobs. In 2020, Feed the Second Line purchased over $130,000 worth of groceries and created $300,000 worth of jobs for New Orleans culture-bearers. Feed the Second Line is an effort to support the folks who create New Orleans culture and make our city special. Spy Boys, Baby Dolls, Musicians, Second Lines – all of these are created by people. During these tough times of COVID, we invite you to join us – in supporting the culture bearers.

Where to shop for local food in New Orleans

We are coordinating “buy local” efforts at the Geaux Local Community group on Facebook:

Here are some options to shop local food in New Orleans. Please submit any other options to neworleans@harvie.farm and we’ll post them here.

For all of your grocery needs (produce, meat, cheese, seafood and more):

Harvie Farms New Orleans 

Each week Harvie Farms New Orleans brings a home delivered, customized box from local farms and vendors to bring you everything from produce to cheese, meat, seafood, and more:

Use coupon code SHOPLOCAL to get 25% off your first delivery.

Other great options for local produce:

Sheaux Fresh Sustainable Foods (Black-Owned Business)

Thaddeaus Prosper has served thousands of people including two Presidents of the United States. He is now applying those experiences to Sheaux Fresh Sustainable Foods, striving to provide the same level of quality in their products and services by pulling from aspects of multiple disciplines and experiences. Everything that they can provide locally they will in the season in which it is available locally. They understand that there are some things that are desired even when out of season. They will bring those things in and provide you the knowledge if it’s origins. You will find Produce, eggs, honey, seedlings, and garden help and much more!

Covey Rise Farm

Fresh locally grown vine ripened vegetables from Covey Rise Farms in Husser, LA. Expect a selection of seasonally grown produce.

River Queen Greens

The River Queen Greens Farm Share contains a variety of Certified Naturally Grown produce from our New Orleans farm along with some produce from additional local farms. Boxes include a robust selection of greens – salad, cooking, and microgreens – root crops, fresh herbs, and other seasonal favorites. Eggs, mushrooms, and other local products are typically available as add-ons.

For other specialty items:

Buttery Spell  (Black-Owned Business)

Buttery Spell works with local family-owned farms and food co-ops to bring quality products directly to you, guaranteeing the freshest tastes of home! All our nut butters are made with local products. You will find delicious flavored butters, nut butters, charcuterie boards and more!

Viola’s Heritage Breads (Black-Owned Business)

The great, entrepreneurial, and intentional Dream with Viola’s Heritage Sandwich Breads is to create a perpetual international business, rooted in honoring the contributions of unacknowledged people of color in food, that provides a high-quality, culinary-crafted and -flavored everyday quality sandwich bread option. Best enjoyed toasted and as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Announcing Harvie Farms New Orleans

We are happy to announce Harvie Farms New Orleans, a new service that brings together the best local farms in the New Orleans area, allows you to customize your farm box before each delivery and then brings the harvest right to your doorstep!

Madeline and Timothy, farmers at Compostella Farm in Picayune, MS who are suppliers for Harvie Farms New Orleans.

In the local farm community here in New Orleans and across the country, we recognize that food buying habits are changing.

We are a group of experienced local farmers, distributors, and farm technology folks who want to make it easy for you to get access to the most quality local food for your home kitchen. Think of Harvie Farms New Orleans as the ease of online shopping, Amazon, and home delivery meets the unique tastes and freshness of CSAs and farmers markets.

We are a national company with local roots in the New Orleans region: our distribution partner is JV Foods who has deep connections to the local food community in New Orleans.

Why Harvie Farms New Orleans?

  • We work with multiple farms across the New Orleans region so your farm box can include vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs, bread, meat, seafood, milk, and more!
  • Home delivery to the New Orleans region.
  • Customize your box each week so you get exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.
  • Get your farm box on your schedule! When you are out of town, just pause your box or reschedule it for another week.
  • Built in cooking and recipe tips plus connect with farm share members all over the world (literally!)

So how does it work?

  1. Start at the sign up page:
  2. Pick a farm box, small ($49), medium ($79), or large ($109) — plus a $6 home delivery fee — which will include a fully customizable product selection each week.
  3. Choose a frequency of delivery: weekly, every-other-week, and every-four-weeks and remember you can schedule around your needs.
  4. If you want pork, poultry, seafood, sausage and more, choose a meat and seafood box for delivery once per month.
  5. Complete contact info and payment info.
  6. (Optional) Set product preferences so Harvie knows what you like and what you don’t like and we’ll pre-customize based on your product preferences.
  7. First deliveries start on December 1st
  8. Each week, customize your box if you like and we’ll deliver it to your door on Tuesday afternoons.

We are looking for 400 families to join us for this first season to make Harvie Farms New Orleans fly!

To encourage you to join us, use the coupon code FIRST400 to get 25% off your first box. Sign up here:

This coupon code will be valid until 11/25. We expect to sell out quickly, so we welcome your sign up as soon as possible!

-Simon Huntley
CEO, Harvie

Harvie is hiring Member Support Specialists (remote)

Member Support Specialist

About Us

Harvie (http://harvie.farm) connects local consumers with local farmers who deliver shares of farm fresh products customized to their personal preferences.

Our company was started in 2006 to meet the technology and marketing needs of local farmers across the US, Canada, and internationally and has served 1000’s of farms in the last 13 years. We have since evolved into the Harvie platform, which was introduced in late 2016 to address the changing landscape of food buying and to help farmers grow sales and profit by making local food more accessible through a customer friendly CSA / farm share model. The concept has grown rapidly. In 2020, Harvie has helped 200 farmers serve approximately 100,000 end consumers.

At Harvie, we believe all employees benefit from starting their Harvie career journey in our Member Support department. This department is the stepping stone where everyone will learn the software from the ground up and get a feel for our company “voice” as we build relationships with our farmers and members. We are a young and growing company and encourage professional development every step of the way. We’ll work with every team member to identify their strengths and set a career path that best fits their unique assets and the needs of our company.

About the Position

The Harvie Member Support Specialists work as the front line of customer support for assisting our partner farms’ members navigate their subscriptions through the Harvie platform. Support requests come in primarily through emails in a ticketing system but also by phone. Supporting our farmers’ members often involves tasks such as helping them get signed up, scheduling vacations, making cancellations, processing refunds, billing questions, technical difficulties, and other account management issues.

As with any small company, this position will be multidisciplinary and will occasionally include work involving other aspects of the company including marketing, product development and testing. This is an exciting opportunity for independent, self-starting individuals who are ready to grow with Harvie.

We are an all remote team so collaboration, communication and the ability to document and manage tasks are key!


  • Independently manage a high volume of member support requests coming from both farmers and members
  • Quickly learn the ins and outs of our Harvie platform to best advise members and farmers
  • Respond to tickets within our designated time limits based on priority
  • Answer tickets with our company “voice” and Style Guide in mind
  • Seek out help from the appropriate avenues when needed to provide the best possible answers
  • Work in collaboration with a team of member support specialists, farm account managers, and software developers to diagnose issues and address potential bugs
  • Stay up-to-date on documentation and new software developments to ensure you’re advising farms and members appropriately

Important details:

  • Full-time position
  • Competitive starting salary range from $45 – $55k
  • Health benefits inc. vision and dental, retirement plan, and paid vacation
  • Harvie farm share paid for by the company!
  • Remote work office stipend if working remotely
  • Office on North Shore of Pittsburgh, 10 minute walk from downtown, free parking
  • Full-time work is 40 hours a week including some regular weekend coverage required
  • Equal Opportunity Employer

About You:

  • Passionate for Harvie and our mission to help small farms beat the big guys
  • Natural problem-solver with the ability to deductively get to root causes of problems
  • Able to manage and reach multiple goals simultaneously
  • Highly organized and attentive to detail
  • A thoughtful communicator with the ability to handle a high volume of communications from various channels while being mindful of tone and empathy
  • Able to write friendly, grammatically correct, and clear support emails
  • Able to explain technical concepts in a non-technical manner
  • Advanced computational skills
  • Comfort with friendly phone support — support is unscripted and requests are often unique
  • Able to work independently yet collaboratively
  • Able to learn or have experience with web-based utilities such as Google Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets), Zendesk, Atlassian Suite, Guru, Slack, and Zoom


Follow this link to fill out our Harvie Applicant Form: https://airtable.com/shriZlBNv99ZoQ7g2