New, Peak Season, and Last Call | October 2023

October 2023

Ready or not, October brings the first frosts to Western Pennsylvania each year. Along with that comes one of the more dramatic shifts in produce as well. If you have not had your fill of summer fruits and veggies, do not delay. The local produce availability is about to shift seasons. But do not fear, we have a large network of local and regional farms that will keep us well supplied with an amazing assortment as the seasons change.  There are actually a lot of great items that will be new to the list this month as well.

Incoming: Some serious seasonal favorites will return this month: broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and napa cabbage. We will also rotate in different varieties of items that we are currently carrying–Olympic Giant Asian pears, rainbow carrots, French fingerlings, Koginut and Angel Hair squash all come to mind. Other fun items like radicchio, rainbow chard, and fresh ginger will find their way to Harvie this month too. Oh, and some unsung heroes like kohlrabi and celeriac will be there for us as the weather gets colder as well. 

Outgoing: Well, I guess this will come as no surprise, but our long run of fresh berries is about to end. Be sure to check out our sustainably grown frozen berries from Stahlbush Island Farms as a great alternative. Most of the sensitive summer vegetables–eggplant, zucchini, sweet corn, green beans–are on their way out soon. Herbs like basil and parsley may also depart (although we are working to source some locally grown indoor herbs soon–stay tuned!). Notice, however, that I did not throw tomatoes on this outgoing list just yet. Thanks to indoor production, we should be able to keep some local tomatoes around until the end of the year or so. 

-Neil S., Harvie Sourcing