Day 1 for Pennsylvania’s local food economy

For the last 20 years I have had a vision of local farmers feeding local communities. This week, we took a huge step towards that vision.

After over a year of work (including one false start this past summer), our new distribution center is fully operational!

This new facility is a piece of the infrastructure that a robust and resilient local food economy needs to thrive.

Now we can take the next step in growing this vision: this year we will grow to support local food economies across Pennsylvania. 

Last year, you supported over 350 local farmers and producers through Harvie. This year, we hope you will join us in increasing your impact as we introduce you to many more local products and producers with the increased capacity of our new distribution center.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the Harvie staff that persevered through a difficult year of operations as we built out the new distribution center, the 45 members who joined us as 5-year Harvie Green members which helped us finally get our doors open, our farmers and producers for producing amazing food, and each of you for eating local food every week, making this vision into a reality.

Every meal is a choice of how we want to live, eat, and work together.

I’m so proud that you have chosen to eat with Harvie. Thank you!

Eat with Purpose!

Simon Huntley
Founder, Harvie