Building the Local Food Economy

At Harvie, we are building the local food economy in the Pittsburgh region. 

I believe that there is a huge unmet demand for local food in our community that the larger grocery chains are not meeting. Good food from local producers brings joy and health to our lives. It shapes the way we connect to each other and with the place we call home.

Your support of these producers through Harvie keeps food dollars circulating in our community and stimulates the growth of hundreds of local and regional businesses.

I grew up on a small farm in a rural community south of Pittsburgh with few job prospects beyond the dying coal industry. A few small farmers, including my family, raised animals and made hay but there was no clear opportunity to build a farm business because agricultural production has moved to California and beyond over the last 100 years. I see through Harvie that when we build a market for local food, businesses in our community will meet that demand — whether they are farmers, pepperoni roll makers, or coffee roasters.

That’s my vision for Harvie: a vibrant local food economy providing you and your family with healthy, delicious food that connects you with the people that produced your food. 

Thank you for building the local food economy with us!

— Simon Huntley, CEO + Founder of Harvie