Behind the Box: Kristen Wiley, Fulfillment Associate

Behind the Box is Harvie’s way of connecting you to the people behind your weekly grocery delivery. Meet Kristen Wiley, Fulfillment Associate, who loves working for Harvie because it allows her to support small farms and real people every day.

What’s the last thing you ate?

I packed my lunch for work today.  Today was a bacon sandwich featuring mostly Harvie products: Birch Creek Farms’ Smoked Bacon and arugula microgreens from Lettuce Ladies with Hellman’s Vegan Mayo on Mediterra’s Marble Rye bread. I also had a few cherry tomatoes from Yarnick’s Farm that I take a bite of before the sandwich. For fruit, I had the Giant Olympic Pears from Harvie!

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Biscuits and gravy is my ultimate comfort food, especially as the weather gets cooler. Sausage gravy is my favorite thing to make. I like it with lots of black pepper and a pinch of cayenne. It’s quick, easy, and satisfying! 

Growing up, we ate biscuits and gravy all the time. It reminds me of being a kid and carefree. I love this meal so much that I chose to make it for my Thanksgiving meal this year.

What’s your favorite Harvie product?

I get at least one, sometimes two, containers of Pitaland’s plain hoummus in every Harvie box. I bought it originally thinking that I’d add my own flavorings to it, but it genuinely doesn’t need anything. I also enjoy all of the microgreens from the Lettuce Ladies. They are so cute… and I prefer to eat cute foods when possible.

What’s your favorite Pittsburgh bridge? 

I love the Smithfield Street bridge. It’s only of the only bridges Downtown that isn’t yellow. I really like going over it at night since it’s beautifully lit. 

What’s your favorite thing about working for Harvie? 

I enjoy working with a bunch of food nerds like myself. Nobody looks at you funny when you tell them about all the great food you ate over the weekend, a new recipe you want to try, or a new product you’re excited about.

I also like that I’m part of a team that positively impacts our community’s food network. I’m all about eating local and supporting small farms, and real people. Working at Harvie lets me do that every day.